Many people across Ireland have tried and loved our blueberries!

“Eileen and Mark have an amazing blueberry farm that supplies local shops as well as larger supermarket chains. If you call down to their farm in Ballyteague you can get the freshest blueberries, picked that very day.  Seasonal blueberries have a far superior flavour.” – Niamh Swail The Ivy Cookery School

“Like my own blueberries, these were remarkably bigger and juicier than many of the foreign, shop bought varieties.”- Nessa Robins Blogger at Nessa’s Family Kitchen

“The best Blueberries in the Country, run by a Lovely Young Local Family. The Blueberry is such a lovely fruit with so many Health benefits, and they can be used in so many different ways. I advise everyone to get to Kildare Bluberries, You won’t be sorry.” – Katherine DoyleCustomer

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